Savoury foods


Our salamis have the rich taste that comes from a slow ripening process, and from traditional recipes that have been part of our cuisine for generations. Prepared with carefully chosen natural ingredients, these dry sausages are the perfect snack or sandwich condiment. Their typical What's Cooking? flavour comes from smoking with beechwood chips and a unique fermentation process. We still apply the slicing technique we developed in-house. Every day, our salamis are checked by specialists to ensure the perfect taste.



Fine-tasting, juicy and with a golden-brown crust, our poultry products are the result of a traditional oven-baking process and the use of the purest meat, combined with our signature spice mixes.


Cooked hams

One of our most beloved products, our cooked hams are made from the very best ingredients including subtly mixed brines, and according to authentic recipes that guarantee a superior aroma.



Our pâtés are home-made with pure, high-quality ingredients. We write our own recipes, finetune our spice mixes, and use only real dairy products. Milk or cream powders are an absolute no-go for us. The result is a rich, silken-smooth delicacy. Several of our pâtés come in earthen terrines that highlight their artisanal character.


Cooked savoury foods

Cooked savoury foods are a part of our company’s culinary heritage. They include flavourful ham sausages, traditional knackwursts, smoked and grilled sausages that we prepare in a traditional smoking oven with beechwood chips. Or how about our fine meat loafs? They are cooked according to classic recipes but with a contemporary twist to meet the expectations of today’s consumer.


Fantasy sausages

Cheerful Samson ham sausages, Plop chicken sausages and Maya the Bee poultry sausages brighten up children’s days. As a licensed partner, we make the wonderful world of Studio 100 come to life in kids’ lunch boxes or on their plates. 


Oven-baked savoury foods

Our menu would not be complete without our heavenly oven-baked savoury foods. Try our Tuscan pork rib or roasted turkey breast and be amazed by their melt-on-your-tongue texture and exquisite taste.