Our products and services

We are passionate about savoury cold cuts and snacking – both meat and plant-based – but we’re also fond of helping your business thrive, day after day.

Our products

We make inspiring foods from carefully sourced ingredients, cooked according to the best recipes and meeting all food quality and food safety standards. Catering to the latest trends, our varied offer is sure to win consumers’ hearts – and their loyalty.


Our services

We care for your business. To help make it become the best it can be, we are committed to offering excellent services that support you every day and in every way.

  • Category management 

  • Shopping experience 

  • Product innovation and variety  

  • Service slicing 

  • Packaging innovation 

  • Supply chain collaboration 

  • Value added logistics


Our brands

What's Cooking? is a growing family of brands. Making mouths water is their shared ambition, yet each brand is rightfully proud of its own personality and loyal fan base. 

  • comeacasa
  • danielcoopman
  • Vamos

Your idea brought to life

If you have an idea for a new product stirring in your mind, we can help you develop it into something truly delicious that is sure to satisfy your customers’ cravings.  

We are more than happy to explore the options together, keeping into account your specifications, sourcing preferences, and all the necessary certifications and audits. 

We can even take care of the entire NPD process, from ideation all the way to packaging and implementation, making certain that all quality standards are met in each stage.