We’re hungry for change

A taste of our name

What's Cooking? is a flavourful way of asking what’s going on. It suggests that we are hungry, but also curious about how things are evolving and where we are heading. It’s a question of appetite and realism with a generous pinch of positivity.  

Crafting a better tomorrow

What's Cooking? is a question we ask … 
we ask the world

What we eat affects our planet and every living being on it. It’s a responsibility that shouldn’t be underestimated, so we don’t. A lot of people have already shifted to a new way of thinking. But as a producer we are not going to sit and wait for this shift to become mainstream by itself.

we ask ourselves

What are we doing to boost sustainable food choices and make them second nature? We ask ourselves this every morning. That’s how you change old habits: day by day. We know we won’t save the world, not overnight. It takes time, effort and courage. And it takes you.

we ask you

What is on your plate today? Changing habits is ambitious. For us and the industry, but also for you, as someone who loves good food. Side by side, we can turn conscious food consumption into a reflex. Our role is to craft food that is delicious, convenient and responsibly made while caring for the Earth and its people. We can do this, if you ask us to. So here is that question: What’s Cooking?


Our 3 values

What we go for and stand for every day.


Crafting with care, care by crafting

What is the main ingredient in everything we craft? The love and care we put into our work. We never stop perfecting our products (if we can resist eating them). Quality is always on our hungry minds, as is the well-being and safety of our colleagues and consumers.

Through our craftsmanship we are also giving something to the world. We are setting new standards for taste, convenience and sustainability. That’s how we live up to our responsibility towards the planet and our fellow people.


Confident and courageous

We know we are pretty good at what we do. We are not shy about it, we are openly ambitious and self-assured. At the same time we realise how we became so confident about our skills: it’s the people we work with.

We create a work environment where everybody can be creative, courageous and confident about trying new things. Honest mistakes are a part of that. But from our experience: if you give someone the right to fail, they usually don’t.


Day by day, side by side

Big changes don’t happen overnight. That’s why we are working towards our goals one day at a time. Dreaming big but staying wide awake. Rolling up our sleeves, side by side.

As a single team that transcends national borders or business units, we work in partnership with colleagues, suppliers, clients, customers and everyone involved. Treating each other as equals and respecting each other’s uniqueness, most quirks included.

Day by day we make sustainable food consumption second nature.

Our new logo

We call it ‘The Stir’
to stir = to mix a substance using a spoon or other cooking utensil;  
to get something moving, to stimulate, to energise, to inspire  

  • The Stir represents continuous movement, which to us is a natural process. As a company, we want to keep moving and to keep things moving.  

  • It illustrates our passion for food and for our beautiful craft, which energises us every day. 

  • Its different layers refer to our offering, from cold cuts to lasagne – and to our wide variety of products in general. 

  • It captures our dynamic, colourful, and powerful spirit.

Logo Loop_Slower1

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are strongly committed to people and the planet, helping to create a better world in numerous ways.


Sustainable growth

We take sustainable business seriously. The well-being of our employees and the environment in which we operate comes first in everything we do, as does fostering transparent relationships with our shareholders, our customers, and our suppliers.


Our business

What's Cooking? is a European savoury food group with a zest for quality and innovation. We sell freshly prepared ready meals and savoury foods which we make ourselves in 12 locations and 7 sales offices across Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Poland, and the United Kingdom. 

We cater to 37 countries and are the proud employer of more than 3.000 motivated employees who helped us achieve a turnover of nearly 781 million euros in 2022. 


Our history

A lot has happened since we were founded by Francies Coopman in 1948, from becoming publicly listed in 1984 to spicing things up with some very interesting mergers and acquisitions.


Close to you

Today, we are commercially present in no less than 37 countries. We have today 15 commercial and production locations, you can find them in the map below.