Hi there, What's Cooking?

We’re a colourful family of food lovers, committed to satisfying the world’s craving for conscious everyday meals.

Day by day, cooking up a better world

We are What's Cooking?, an innovative savoury food group that makes it easy for people to eat delicious food.

Day by day, we make sustainable food consumption second nature

by increasing the appetite for delicious, convenient food with care for both people and planet.

2023 annual report

At What’s Cooking? we’re all about putting our cards on the table (next to delicious meals). Our annual report outlines our ambitions and accomplishments. Happy reading!

So, What's Cooking? today?

Our menu today offers a wide choice of tasty ready meals including lasagnes, pastas, pizzas, world cuisine, plant-based meals, local dishes, …  

Whenever you come across savoury cold cuts and snacks, the chances are high that we crafted them: 

  • dry sausages 

  • poultry 

  • cooked ham 

  • ...  

All of premium quality and with a balanced flavour.


We serve up great service 

Your recipe for success. 

We give it our all to offer services that are just as great as the foods we create, helping your business thrive. Have a question or need advice? We are more than happy to assist.  

  • Product innovation and variety  

  • Category management 

  • Shopping experience and brand activation 

  • Supply chain collaboration 

  • Packaging innovation 

  • Value added logistics 

Our family

We craft delicious foods for our own brand as well as for a growing family of retail brands. Making mouths water is their shared ambition, yet each brand is rightfully proud of its own personality and loyal fan base. 

  • comeacasa
  • Vamos
  • danielcoopman

A delightful place to work

There is no such thing as too many chefs in the kitchen.

We are always looking for people who are just as motivated as we are to expand our offering and raise the bar.


Our investors

We put great stock in good governance.

Since our listing on the Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange in 1986, What's Cooking? (WHATS) (then known as Ter Beke (TERB)) has been implementing a very active and transparent policy on good governance, conforming to all the legal provisions.