Our products

A delight for your taste buds.

Both for our own brand as well as for retail brands, What's Cooking? prepares savoury snacks, slices, and ready meals. Though these used to be primarily meat protein-based, we’re working hard on a shift to more plant-based choices.

Made fresh and with love ...

Our products are made fresh from meticulously sourced ingredients, and carefully created and tested by our product technologists and developers. You will taste our love of food in every bite.


… and with a passion for quality

Our passion for quality has been driving our organisation for decades. All the foods we create meet the highest standards. That’s our promise.


Savoury cold cuts

Perfection is the backbone of our savoury cold cuts and snacking. They are among the finest you will find, as we go above and beyond to meet the food safety and food quality requirements, as well as conforming to one of the best packaging standards. 


Service slicing

Every day, we slice, package and label amazing tasting cold cuts. Relying on our service, you can treat your gourmand customers to fresh savoury slices that look like they were cut on the spot. This is a huge advantage for anyone in the supermarket and food service business, and convenient for the consumer.


Ready meals

Ready to enjoy a tasty meal in 1, 2, …? Our range of ready to (h)eat meals has you covered from lunch to dinner. Convenience can taste like heaven.



Our plant-based range, which we are continually expanding and developing, combines exceptional flavours with great nutritional value. Finger-licking good, our offer has something for everybody.