Our services

Your recipe for success, with all the right ingredients.

We want you to thrive

Next to making delicious foods, we offer various quality services to help make your business thrive, day after day: 

  • Product innovation and variety  

  • Category management 

  • Shopping experience and brand activation 

  • Supply chain collaboration 

  • Packaging innovation 

  • Value added logistics 


Product innovation and variety

Every day, our seasoned product development team works on product improvement, reformulation, and innovation, guided by their passion for taste, food safety and nutrition. Our research and marketing department makes sure that our cooks, butchers, and technologists never miss a trend.

Category management

We assist you with category plans that are a great match with your business objectives and that help you find the way to shoppers’ hearts. We aim for industry-leading category knowledge and are more than happy to share our insights with you, so that together we can take the category to the next level. 

From trends to dedicated consumer research and from market figures to shopper studies, we mix reliable ingredients into clever recommendations that ensure your growth. 

Shopping experience and brand activation

Our marketeers and brand experts know how to make mouths water, minds wander, and bellies rumble. We believe that shopping for food should not be a chore, but an experience that customers actually enjoy.  

In the competitive retail environment, the right in-store strategy – one that takes local habits and preferences into account – makes all the difference in the world.  


Supply chain collaboration

From material sourcing to production, logistics and delivery: our logistical and digital solutions make your working practices work. Moreover, we help you meet your automated messaging requirements.  

Finally, we enable Vendor managed inventory, so you can load logistics information and product specifications to your own systems.   

Value added logistics

Our carefully chosen logistics partners guarantee daily deliveries in very short lead times. Thanks to our multiple delivery points in Europe, we are literally close to the end customer and can easily add local touches to our finished products.

In terms of secondary packaging, we supply our products on pallets, in cardboard boxes or plastic crates, always making sure we pick the best option.   

Packaging innovation

We lead the way with the latest packaging innovations and are constantly looking for technical improvements and improvements in terms of sustainability. We gather insights together with our stakeholders and customers, so we can be on top of the game, day after day.