Corporate social responsibility

We take food seriously, and our social responsibility just as much. We set high ethical standards for our dealings with shareholders, consumers, and suppliers. We ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our people. And we treat our planet with respect.


We’re an active member of multiple sector organisations that safeguard healthy and sustainable food practices, and we have created a Business Code of Conduct for Environmental, Social and Ethical principles that we live by and that we ask our suppliers in the food chain to sign and respect.



We want people to know what they eat, and to feel good about it. We work hard to make food with improved nutritional relevance that increasingly comes from suppliers who embrace animal welfare, and we communicate openly and transparently about it.



We prefer to work with local suppliers, so we know exactly where our ingredients come from. Thus, we also boost the local economy. We foster honest and long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers to make sure that they share our sustainability commitments, and that we respect theirs.


Good governance

Yes, we like to get creative in the kitchen. But we also follow the rules – sometimes even helping to improve them or making our team and our suppliers go beyond what is required. Clear commitments that are beneficial to our stakeholders are high on the menu for What's Cooking? Our Board of Directors believes in creating added value in the long term while leaving plenty room for entrepreneurship. 


Greener every day

Our packagings fit right in with the local systems of waste prevention and recycling. Some are made from renewable sources, but we want to step up our efforts, aiming for 100% recyclable or recycle-ready packaging by 2025.  

We are determined to let as little as possible go to waste. More specifically, we aim to reduce our non-recovered food waste with 20% by 2024 (as compared to 2022) and to make sure that the food we can’t avoid wasting gets recycled.

By 2023, 50% of our sites will be powered by green electricity, and by 2024, all of them will be running on renewable energy. And did you know that at least 15% of our portfolio will be plant-based by 2030?

There for each other

At What's Cooking?, everybody has a seat at the table. We offer a work environment that attracts talented people, supporting them and encouraging them to become the chefs of their own development, both professionally and personally. Not just through training, but also by sharing knowledge with each other and working together as the team we are.   

Moreover, because employee safety is our top priority, we want to reduce the number of workplace accidents with 50% by 2030, as compared to 2022 levels.