Yes, we care

Our sustainability strategy

Sustainability is high on the menu at What's Cooking? When we call for “CARE”, we call on all our stakeholders: “Change and Act Responsibly, Everyone”. Sustainability affects the entire value chain, so we include the topic in all our partnerships and activities. Our sustainability strategy is based on three pillars: we provide good food for all, while protecting the planet and helping people flourish. Together, we can make a difference.



We are committed to increasing the proportion of vegetarian and plant-based products in our portfolio and helping consumers make informed choices. We not only want our products to be safe and of premium quality; we also want them to be as nutritious as possible, going above and beyond what is legally required, with care for people and planet.


Help PEOPLE flourish

We work on employee wellbeing every day, using the What's Cooking? Environment-Health-Safety tool and engagement index, and launching initiatives to support our employees’ health and wellbeing. To protect human rights across the entire value chain, we adhere to a strict Supplier Code of Conduct, and we’ve established a Supplier Sustainability Rating Programme that encourages suppliers to focus on sustainability, both in its social and environmental aspects. We support local charities and communities at the locations where we operate.


Protect our PLANET

To help mitigate climate change, we have specific targets to reduce our carbon footprint, to fight (food) waste and to source responsibly. For instance, we aim for 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. But we have already taken important steps, too, for instance purchasing most of our organic raw materials in Europe, using 100% RSPO certified palm oil, and opting for fish with an ASC or MSC label whenever possible.