Ready meals

Pressed for time or don’t feel like cooking today? Available both in family and single portions, our meals are all ready for you to heat, eat, and enjoy.

Italian cuisine

We’re known for our creamy lasagnes, richly filled cannelloni and delicious pastas. Chilled or frozen, each meal takes you straight to sunny Italy.


Traditional cuisine

One bite of our famous moussaka, hachis parmentier, chicory with ham, tartiflette and other potato-based dishes ... and you’ll know right away why our chefs take such pride in their creations – or our ‘local heroes’, as we affectionately call these classics.


Ethnic cuisine

Spice up your day with our authentic curries such as tender beef Madras and chicken tikka masala, or take your taste buds on an exotic trip with our tajine and couscous dishes.


Comfort cuisine

Keep it simple with our comfort foods ranging from starters and sharers such as stringy cheese croquettes or double bone beef ribs (for shredding at the table), puffy pastries (beef Wellington, anyone?), and the smoothest soups and sauces.