Plant-based & vegetarian

We help make plant-based and vegetarian food a mainstream choice.

Fresh and flavoursome

Our plant-based and vegetarian products are fresh, wholesome, and packed with flavour, giving vegans, vegetarians and everyone who loves varied meals something to smile about every day. That’s right: it’s full steam ahead for our new plant-based range. 

By expanding our offering with plant-based foods, we want to prove that more plant-based meals are not only healthy, but that they can be affordable, easy, and delicious, too.  


What’s on the menu today?

Our chefs work tirelessly on satisfying your cravings. Our plant-based menu includes both classic and trendy dishes such as … 

  • mac & cheese 

  • sloppy joes 

  • ramen 

  • eggplant parmigiana 

  • sweet potato curry 

… and there’s lots more coming your way soon. 


Right on trend

We stay ahead of food trends and create dishes with more plant-based ingredients that even meat lovers find irresistible. 

Our shift to more plant-based meals is in line with the increased consumer demand for sustainable products as well. We like to use ingredients that tend to have a much smaller environmental footprint than their animal-based alternatives.