Rich flavours coupled with an equally rich history.

Stealing the show since 1985

Vamos is synonymous with lasagne, tagliatelle, moussaka, penne, and other sunny meals that add pure delight to every bite. This market leader’s high-quality, delicious dishes have a rich flavour and an equally rich history dating back to 1985.


Number one lasagne

The Vamos lasagne is the star of national and international butchers’ counters – and it has been for almost forty years. The famous recipe makes for pure comfort food, and various taste tests have revealed that its layered delight is the undisputed number one on the market.


Beloved palate pleasers

With a specialist in freshly prepared Mediterranean meals like Vamos by your side, you have everything you need to keep customers coming back for more. After all, this beloved brand combines convenience with all the goodness of home cooking. Vamos ready-made meals are varied and prepared according to traditional recipes, using only fresh ingredients and no artificial colourants or flavourings. Seeing these classics means craving them – instantly.


Our chef-cooked, fully prepared meals add sunshine to the butcher’s counter. Each dish is a labour of love – pleasingly creamy or subtle, yet always with a depth of flavour that gourmands cannot help but love.