Daniel Coopman

Traditional savoury foods for today’s consumers.

Tradition with a twist

Named after the man who made Belgians embrace salami in the 1960s, Daniel Coopman offers the finest savoury products, specially made to delight the palette of today’s consumer. 

At the same time, Daniel Coopman is all about tradition, respecting the true butcher’s craftsmanship as well as the importance of high-quality ingredients that aim to contribute to health and sustainability. 


A butcher’s brand

Daniel Coopman is a butcher’s brand in every sense. Daniel’s father Francies, who founded our company in 1948, owned a business specialised in cold cuts. When Daniel followed in his footsteps, he built on the company’s rich heritage to start producing fine meats for butcher shops. 

Daniel Coopman has been a very successful brand for many years, and it still is today thanks to our close partnerships with butchers. Combining their refreshing input with our views on the evolving market, consumer trends, new ingredients and flavour combinations, we ensure that our products meet all expectations, day after day. 


Tasty products, based on tradition and craftsmanship, and produced according to today’s standards and trends. That is what we stand for every day.

Daniel Coopman