Come a casa

Comfort made tasty and easy. Our meals create pure moments of pleasure, in the most convenient way possible.

Freshly prepared

Come a casa is our own brand of Mediterranean ready meals. Extremely popular in Belgium and sold in more than 11 European countries, Come a casa has built its success on serving consumers freshly prepared lasagnes and pastas – comfort food at its very best.


Time is precious, so enjoy the moment

Come a casa helps consumers save precious time, without compromising on the freshness, taste and sustainability of the food they eat. Busy mums, dads, students and professionals can simply come home and do what they love most. All it takes for them to put a nutritious and delicious meal on the table is to open up a Come a casa lasagne and let their oven do the work.


With ingredients you would find in your cupboard

All Come a casa lasagnes and pastas are made by our chefs in our very own kitchen, using only ingredients which you yourself would use – from tomatoes to cheese and fresh lasagne sheets. You will not find any preservatives or additives when tearing off the seal. Just a delicious and balanced meal that is ready to (h)eat.