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Well, a lot is cooking and it is all summarized in our NEW What’s Cooking? Integrated Annual Report 2023 also including for the first time our Sustainability ambitions and CSRD performance.

Absolutely crucial in 2023 was the launch in March of our new strategy which includes a purpose, our core strategic beliefs, the new values and last but not least a new company name to express.

In this annual report, we dive deeper into our 6 strategic pillars to deliver Sustainable Profitable Growth for 2023 and beyond - while always putting first our must-do target of World-class Safety & Food Safety:

  1. It all starts with ‘Engaged Employees’: without engaged people, no strategic plan can ever be successful!

  2. ‘Rebuild Innovation’ meaning we rejuvenated innovation in order to make a meaningful difference for our customers and consumers in these new demanding times.

  3. In ‘Portfolio Refocus’ there were and will be quite some initiatives such as adding new global heroes - besides lasagna -  to our Ready Meals portfolio, and yes, we offer consumers also vegetarian & plant-based alternatives next to our delicious meat-based foods.

  4. ‘Grow Excellence’ underlined the continued program to improve our Operational Excellence, and deploy some activities to build also Sales & Marketing Excellence.

  5. ‘Digital acceleration’ is a statement of the ongoing work to map and harmonize our core processes, and make them leaner, reinforced by the right and modern digital solutions & systems.

  6. Last and surely not least is our belief to ‘Lead our industry in sustainability’ because Yes We Care’.


We are proud on our 2023 achievements and look forward to deliver our 2024 journey co-building our future together with our employees, customers, suppliers and other partners.

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Come a casa is taking a significant step in sustainability. This April, Come a casa launches a 100% plant-based lasagne bolognese with the same delicious taste and affordability as their classic version, but with a remarkable 85% reduction in plastic packaging. Prior to its official release in Belgian supermarkets, a select group of consumers had the chance to taste the latest recipe without even realizing it.

TBE-place-holder 4-3 B Exploring strategic options Business Unit Savoury

Exploring strategic options Business Unit Savoury

What's Cooking Group communicates that it has started a process to explore strategic options - including the potential sale of the Savoury Confectionery Business Unit - Savoury

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Less water for greener food

What's Cooking? inaugurates a new sustainable water recycling plant in Wommelgem and aims to reduce its water footprint per kg of product sold by 30% by 2030.

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