Strategic Business Units (SBUs) introduction

What's Cooking? (Euronext Brussels: WHATS) is an innovative Belgian fresh foods business that markets its savoury food in multiple European countries


The group has two core activities: savoury cold cuts, snacks and freshly prepared ready meals. It has 12 industrial sites in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Poland and the United Kingdom and employs approximately 3000 employees. What's Cooking? generated a turnover of EUR 781,4 million in 2022. 

Ready meals SBU

  • Produces freshly prepared ready meals for the European market

  • Market leader in freshly prepared lasagne in Europe

  • 2 specialised production sites in Belgium (Wanze and Marche-en-Famenne), 1 in France (Mézidon-Vallée d'Auge), 1 in Poland (Opole) and 1 in the United Kingdom (Deeside)

  • Brand names Come a casa®, Vamos® and Stefano Toselli® in addition to private labels

  • Employs about 1475 people


Processed meats SBU

  • Producer and slicer of processed meats products for Benelux, UK and Germany

  • 2 production sites in Belgium (Wommelgem and Lievegem) and 1 in The Netherlands (Borculo)

  • 6 centres for packaging and slicing of processed meats products: 3 in Belgium (Wommelgem, Lievegem and Veurne) and 3 in The Netherlands (Wijchen, Ridderkerk and Aalsmeer)

  • Innovating in the pre-packaged meat products segment

  • Private labels and own brands Pluma®, Daniël Coopman®

  • Employs about 1475 people


Our latest news


Discover our Annual Report 2023

Well, a lot is cooking and it is all summarized in our NEW What’s Cooking? Integrated Annual Report 2023 also including for the first time our Sustainability ambitions and CSRD performance.


Come a casa® becomes greener with her newest plant-based lasagne

Come a casa is taking a significant step in sustainability. This April, Come a casa launches a 100% plant-based lasagne bolognese with the same delicious taste and affordability as their classic version, but with a remarkable 85% reduction in plastic packaging. Prior to its official release in Belgian supermarkets, a select group of consumers had the chance to taste the latest recipe without even realizing it.

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