Exploring strategic options Business Unit Savoury

What's Cooking Group communicates that it has started a process to explore strategic options - including the potential sale of the Strategic Business Unit Savoury 

What's Cooking Group NV (What's Cooking?), leading European fresh food group with a wide range of savoury cold cuts and prepared meals, communicates that it has started a process to explore strategic options and maximize shareholder value. As part of this process, preliminary discussions have begun on the possible sale of 100% of the share capital of What's Cooking Savoury Belgium NV and its Savoury subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, UK and Germany that produce, slice and sell savoury cold cuts.

The Strategic Business Unit Savoury represents EUR 464 million of the EUR 832 million consolidated turnover of What's Cooking? for the financial year 2023.

To date, no commitment has been made and no terms of a possible transaction are known. At this stage, it is also uncertain whether a transaction will happen, as well as if it would go ahead on what terms.

What's Cooking? will communicate in accordance with legal obligations when further information is available on this matter.

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