Further focus on renewed strategy with additional focus on internal efficiency due to business relocation in the Netherlands

Lievegem, 13 October 2023 - 7.15 AM - What's Cooking? is committed to efficiency improvements, more specifically within its strategic business unit 'Savoury' or 'savoury cold cuts'. This will enable it to strengthen the base of its traditional products and services and respond even better to current and future customer needs in terms of service, efficiency and innovations for the future.

In March 2023, What's Cooking? announced its plan to bet on 'sustainable growth', with a forward-looking strategy focusing on sustainability and innovations of existing and new products, packaging, production processes and services to its customers. With a new name and one clear ambition, group synergies were  also strengthened, so that while maintaining local focus and customer orientation, one vision can be rolled out with greater agility and efficiency.

As the company announced earlier, it takes time and investment to realize that ambition: "Day by day, we make sustainable food consumption second nature."

Constantly evaluating efficiencies and improvements is a key component in realizing this strategy.

The leased factory location of What's Cooking? in Aalsmeer, which is mainly dedicated to slicing cold cuts and providing logistics services, was evaluated in this context. Taking into account the possibilities within the group, it was decided to transfer most of the activities in Aalsmeer to other group locations in the Netherlands.

Advice was requested from the works council of What's Cooking? Netherlands and meanwhile recently obtained. Based on the advice, What's Cooking? is continuing local consultations regarding the practical implementation of the decision - this with a view to a gradual relocation of the activities at Aalsmeer in the Netherlands by 1 March 2024.

CEO Piet Sanders stressed, "By being and remaining local and cost-efficient, we 'unburden' our customers, we can further invest in sustainability and in improving service and innovations, retaining the trust of existing customers and hoping  to win new ones. "

The estimated net personnel impact at Aalsmeer in the Netherlands will be 47 employees. We aim to find a solution within the group for as many employees as possible and, where this is not possible, to provide them with maximum work-to-work support.

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