Annual Report

New annual report will be available in April 2023.

What was cooking

While we’re collecting our thoughts on 2022 and putting the final touches to our report on this eventful year, we want to share with you the most interesting bites from our 2021 Annual Report. After all, our ideas on product innovation and on social and environmental governance remain highly relevant to our organisation today. 

Want to get a taste of the full report? Read it here


Strategic Business Units (SBUs)

Find out how What's Cooking? Group NV was structured in 2021 (when it was still called Ter Beke), which brands were a part of our Ready Meals SBU and which belonged to our Processed Meats SBU, and where the magic happened for both core activities. 


Environmental and social governance

In 2021, ESG was already high on our agenda. Read all about the changes we introduced up to that point to tackle the environmental aspect of sustainability (reducing our plastic use, for instance) as well as its social component.


Multidisciplinary product development

Providing healthier, more sustainable, and animal-friendly products for the consumer? That’s not a new concern for What's Cooking? either, of course. Read our Business Development & Export Manager Greet Van Laecke’s 2021 thoughts on multidisciplinary product and concept development.